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1. Website – online bookstore located at:,

2. Regulations - these regulations, regulating the rules of using the Bookstore,
being an integral part of the Agreement concluded between the Bookstore and the Buyer.
3. Agreement - an agreement concluded between the Parties, of which this is an integral part
4. Parties - Both parties to the Agreement, the Bookstore and the Buyer.
5. Bookstore - entity responsible for the operation of the Website: Publishing House
Stratus sp.j. Bartłomiej Belcarz, Artur Juszczak, Robert Pęczkowski, z/s ul.
Żeromskiego 4 27-600 Sandomierz, NIP: 867-18-66-890, REGON: 260091627
6. Buyer – an entity making purchases via the Website; Buyers
may be either the entity making the purchase within the scope of the business
business and the consumer. If the buyer is an individual, it must be
is an adult and has full legal capacity.
7. Consumer - consumer within the meaning of the Act of April 23, 1964 - Code
Civil (Journal of Laws No. 16, item 93, as amended)
8. User – a person viewing the content contained on the Website.
9. Service – sales provided via the Website and Account.
10. C onto - the part of the Website available to the User only after logging in
The user can add, modify and delete his/her personal and other data
data, as well as use individual functionalities of the Account.
11. Goods – goods sold on the Website: books and other publishing articles.
12.Cookies Policy - the Website's policy relating to the rules of use
cookies, published at:
13.Cookies - cookies within the meaning of the provisions of the Cookie Policy

§ 1
1. The Regulations are created pursuant to Art. 8 section 1 point 1 of the Benefit Act
electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204, as amended).
2. The Regulations specify in particular:
a) types and scope of services provided electronically,
b) terms of providing services electronically,
c) conditions for concluding and terminating contracts for the provision of road services
d) complaint procedure
§ 2
1. The Buyer accepts the Regulations.
2. The subject of the Website's activity is the sale of Goods. Goods Sold
along with a detailed description and price are presented on the relevant subpages
3. The contract is concluded in Polish.
4. The contract is concluded under the law applicable in Poland.
§ 3
In order to avoid errors when using the Services, it is necessary to use
a PC or similar computer connected to the Internet, equipped with
Windows, Linux or MAC OS operating system and Internet browser
Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
§ 4
1. The provisions of the Regulations do not prejudice generally applicable provisions of law
regarding consumer protection, including the Civil Code and the Act on
Consumer Rights.
2. Provisions inconsistent with generally applicable legal norms, he believes
considered invalid. In their place, appropriate standards are widely used
applicable law.
§ 5
Contact with the Bookstore takes place: by phone – number: +15 833 30 41, by e-mail – Traditional correspondence should be sent to the registered office address

§ 6
1. The buyer places an order by completing the interactive form
order available on the Website and sending it to the Website, whereby
The ordered Goods are selected by adding them to the virtual one
shopping cart. The form is filled out in accordance with the details
instructions visible while filling out.
2. The Buyer indicates the Goods he wants to order. The buyer provides the following
data: name and surname/name, residential/registered address, delivery address,
e-mail address, telephone number, method of payment, method of delivery of the Goods. Additionally
The buyer provides the necessary data to issue an invoice or bill.
3. If the Buyer makes purchases using the Account, he or she does not have to provide data
referred to in section 2 sentences second.
4. The buyer is given the opportunity to verify and correct the data regarding
placing an order ("back" button).
5. The purchase procedure ends when the Buyer presses the button
confirming placing an order with the obligation to pay ("Send" button
order” or other equivalent in content).
6. Acceptance of the Regulations by the Buyer and pressing the button
confirming the placing of an order with the obligation to pay is the moment
conclusion of the Agreement.
7. The order placed by the Buyer is confirmed by the Bookstore
by sending an (automatic) e-mail. With confirmation
The bookstore sends the Regulations to the Buyer.
§ 7
1. The buyer should follow the instructions contained in the confirmation.
2. Regardless of the information regarding the Agreement sent to the Buyer, complete
the content of the Agreement is recorded by the Bookstore in the form of an electronic record
placed in its IT system and is made available to the Buyer
at his request.
3. If errors are detected in the data entered by the Buyer, referred to herein
referred to in section 2, the Buyer may request their correction by providing the appropriate data.
This possibility does not apply to changes to Goods ordered after they have been shipped to
4. In case of doubts as to the reliability of the data provided, the Bookstore is entitled to do so
until they are confirmed and may refrain from processing the order until
the time of their verification. The Bookstore will inform you about such a situation immediately
the Buyer and at his request, will refund the amount already paid in respect of the price

§ 8
1. The costs of delivery of the Goods are borne by the Bookstore.
2. Unless the Parties have agreed otherwise, delivery of the ordered Goods takes place in
the shortest possible period, no longer than 30 days from the conclusion of the Agreement.
The delivery time is counted from the date of sending the order confirmation by
Bookstore, or - in the case of payment made in advance - from
posting the receivable on the Bookstore's account.
3. In the event that the Bookstore has not fulfilled its delivery obligation
Goods within the period specified in the preceding paragraph, the Buyer calls upon it to
delivery within an additional period appropriate to the circumstances. If Bookstore
has not delivered the Goods within this additional period, the Buyer has the right
terminate the Agreement. The provision of § 19 applies.
4. Paragraph 1 above does not apply if the Bookstore refuses to deliver
Goods or if the delivery date has been agreed with the Buyer
individually and is of significant importance due to all the circumstances related to
conclusion of the Agreement or in the event that the Buyer informs the Bookstore before
concluding the Agreement that the Goods will be delivered before or on a specified date
specific date is important. In such cases, if the Bookstore does not
delivered the Goods on or within the time agreed with the Buyer
specified in section 1, The buyer has the right to immediate termination
5. Upon termination of the Agreement in accordance with the above provisions, the Bookstore will no longer be necessary
delay refunds the entire amount paid under the Agreement.
§ 9
1. Delivery of ordered Goods is normally carried out via
courier company Poczta Polska or DHL
2. It is recommended that the Buyer checks the condition of the shipment at the time of its delivery, and in
In case of visible damage to the packaging, report this fact to the delivering person
the shipment and, if possible, prepare a damage report with her participation.
Failure to inspect the shipment does not result in the loss of the right to report

1. The prices of the Goods are given on the Website.
2. The prices of the Goods are given in the final version, including all fees and charges
taxes, including in particular VAT at the applicable rate,
subject, however, to the provisions of the following paragraph.
The buyer receives a receipt, bill or invoice with the shipment.
§ 12
1. The Delivery Price List specifies the costs of individual delivery options for the Goods. Choice
option belongs to the Buyer.
2. The Parties may agree on the delivery of the Goods using another option not included in
Delivery Price List.
3. If transport costs due to the nature of the order or the size of the ordered items
The goods do not allow the price to be calculated in advance, it will be determined
based on generally applicable rates of a given carrier. Including
In such a case, the Buyer may choose an entity other than the one indicated in § as the carrier.
9 section 1.
§ 13
The buyer selects one of the following payment methods:
a) cash on delivery – the Buyer pays the fee for the Goods and shipment upon delivery
parcels at the post office or delivery person.
b) by transfer - the Buyer prepays the amount due for the Goods to the account of the Bookstore in Alior
Bank S.A. number: 60 2490 0005 0000 4500 6933 9457
c) using PayPal,
d) using the Przelewy24 system

§ 14
1. Creating an Account is optional for Users who want to use the Services.
2. The purpose of the account is to make it easier for the User to make purchases using
3. The User using the Account Service agrees to its commencement
services provided by the Bookstore upon opening the Account.
4. An account is created after completing the interactive application form
"new account".
5. The procedure for completing the interactive form includes providing data
indicated in § 6 section 2 second sentence. It is mandatory to provide the correct address
e-mail address to which the Account password will be sent.
6. Each User provides Account data voluntarily. The user has the option
update your personal data yourself and delete your Account.
7. After confirming the entered data by clicking the "confirm" button
on the last version of the interactive form, a message with the activation code and the conditions under which it was provided will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the User.
concluded Agreement, including the content of the applicable Regulations.
8. An account is created when you enter the activation code on the website
Website, enter your Account password and click the "create an account" button. This is the moment
conclusion of the Agreement.
9. Regardless of the information sent to the User regarding the Agreement, complete
the content of the Agreement is recorded by the Bookstore in the form of an electronic record
placed in his IT system and is made available to the User on
his conclusion.
10. Creating an Account is free of charge.
§ 15
1. The bookstore undertakes to deliver Goods without defects.
2. The Bookstore is liable to the Buyer for physical and legal defects of the Goods
within the scope specified by the Civil Code Act of April 23, 1964 (Journal of Laws of 1964, No. 16
pos. 93 as amended d.)
§ 16
1. If the Goods have a defect, the Buyer may:
a) demand that the defect be removed by the Bookstore
b) demand replacement of the Goods with a new one
c) demand a price reduction
d) withdraw from the Agreement
1. The Buyer may not request a price reduction or withdraw from the Agreement if the Bookstore
will replace the defective one immediately and without undue inconvenience to the Buyer
The goods will be free from defects or the defect will be removed.
2. If the Buyer is a Consumer, he may instead of the one proposed by
the bookstore to remove the defect, demand that the Goods be replaced with defect-free ones or instead
the proposed replacement of the Goods, demand removal of the defect, unless delivery
the Goods to comply with the Agreement in the manner chosen by the Buyer
impossible or would require excessive costs compared to the method
proposed by the Bookstore.
3. In the event of repeated replacement or repair of the Goods, limited possibilities
withdraw from the Agreement or request a price reduction referred to in section 2
has applications.
4. In the event of a minor defect, the Buyer may not withdraw from the Agreement.
5. The Bookstore may refuse to satisfy a request for repair or replacement of the Goods
for a new one if the defective item is brought into compliance with the Agreement
chosen by the Buyer is impossible or compared to the second possible one
method of achieving compliance with the Agreement would require excessive amounts
6. If the Buyer is an entrepreneur, the Bookstore may refuse to exchange the item
defective to defect-free or removal of the defect, even if the costs
compensation for this obligation exceeds the price of the thing sold.
§ 17
1. Complaints regarding the Goods should be submitted in writing to the following address:
Bookstore. The person's details must be provided in the letter containing the complaint
complaining party, the name and type of the Service to which the complaint relates and describe
reasons for the complaint.
2. The Bookstore informs the Buyer about the method of considering the complaint within 14 days
days from the date of receipt of the complaint in writing (the date of posting is important
by letter via the Bookstore), as well as by e-mail.
3. The bookstore is not liable for defects in the sold item if there is a defect
will be confirmed after two years from the delivery of the item to the Buyer.
The Buyer's claims expire after one year from the date
finding a defect. The limitation period cannot end before it expires
two years from the release of the item.
§ 18
The risk of loss or damage to the Goods passes to the Buyer upon entry
or a third party indicated by him, other than the carrier, in physical possession of the Goods.
However, the risk passes to the Buyer upon delivery of the Goods to the carrier, if
The buyer commissioned this carrier to transport them, and the Bookstore did not offer such a possibility.
§ 19
If the Bookstore fails to perform the Agreement, the Bookstore is obliged to:
compensation for damage resulting from this fact, pursuant to the principles set out in the Act of 23
April 1964 - Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 16, item 93, as amended)

§ 20
1. The Buyer who is a Consumer may resign from the Goods purchased in
website without giving a reason, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the shipment (Law
to withdraw from the Agreement).
2. The right to withdraw from the Agreement does not apply in the following cases:
a. a contract the subject of which is non-prefabricated, manufactured Goods
according to the Consumer's specifications or intended to satisfy him
individualized needs;
b. a contract in which the price or remuneration depends on market fluctuations
financial over which the entrepreneur has no control and which may
apply before the deadline to withdraw from the contract;
c. a contract the subject of which is perishable Goods or
having a short shelf life;
d. a contract the subject of which is the Goods which, after delivery, due to their
character, becomes inextricably linked with other things;
3. To exercise the right to withdraw from the Agreement, the Buyer will inform the Bookstore
of withdrawal by means of an unambiguous declaration in writing or by post
electronically before the withdrawal period expires, and then at your own expense
will send back the Goods without undue delay, no later than 14 days from the date on which
The Buyer informed the Bookstore about his withdrawal.
4. The Buyer may submit a declaration of withdrawal on the form provided
on the website
5. In the event of effective withdrawal from the Bookstore Agreement within 14 days from
receipt of the Goods will refund to the Buyer all payments received from him,
including delivery costs (except additional custom costs
the method of delivery of the Goods chosen by the Buyer and the costs of return
Bookstore Goods). The payment will be refunded in the same form that the Buyer made
6. The bookstore does not bear the costs of returning the Goods if used by
the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement, which means that in such a case
The Buyer bears the direct costs of returning the Goods to the Bookstore.
§ 21
The provisions of §§ 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 are specific provisions and refer to
Buyers who are not Consumers.
§ 22
1. The contract is concluded when the order is confirmed by the Bookstore.
2. The order is confirmed by sending it to the Bookstore
an e-mail to the Buyer's address in which the Bookstore confirms the terms
Agreements resulting from the placed order.
§ 23
If the Buyer is not a Consumer, the Bookstore stipulates that it is not liable
liability for damage resulting from failure to meet the delivery deadline or
failure to deliver the Goods. In particular, it is not responsible for interruptions in production,
loss of profit or indirect losses arising from failure to deliver the Goods on time
time, or delivery of Goods that turned out to be defective and therefore occurred
the need to make a complaint. The resulting damage cannot be the basis for any claims
attitude towards the Bookstore.
§ 24
The buyer will check the condition of the shipment upon delivery, and if visible
damage to the packaging will be reported to the person delivering the shipment and with his/her participation
will prepare a damage report.
§ 25
The bookstore may require that in some cases the Buyer after submission
order made a prepayment of no more than 30% of the total order.
§ 26
The Parties agree that they are not bound by the provisions of Art. 66.1 par. 1-3 of the Civil Code.

§ 27
1. The bookstore is the administrator of personal data obtained from the Buyer
procedure for ordering Goods.
2. During the Goods ordering procedure, the Buyer voluntarily provides his/her data
personal data to the extent required by the Bookstore.
3. Personal data obtained by the Bookstore are collected and processed
solely for the purpose of implementing the Agreement concluded with the Buyer, in accordance with the Act on
protection of personal data.
4. The Buyer may oblige the Bookstore at any time by sending
appropriate inquiry, including by e-mail, to provide status information
processed personal data concerning him/her.
5. The Buyer also has the right to request deletion, supplementation or
changes to personal data processed by the Bookstore.
§ 28
1. The website uses cookies.
2. Cookies may be installed on the User's device with his/her consent
3. Detailed rules for the use of cookies by the Website are specified
Cookies policy.
§ 29
1. All Goods presented on the Website are covered by publications
protection resulting from the Act of February 4, 1994 on copyright and rights
related (Journal of Laws 1994, No. 24, item 83).
2. Copyright for individual publications (Goods) belongs to the author,
Bookstores or other entities. If copyright information is not included in
description of the Goods, this information will be provided by the Bookstore to those interested.
3. Any use of publications (Goods) protected by law
copyright requires prior consent from the author, the Bookstore or another entity
holder of the copyright to a given publication (Goods).
§ thirty
1. The bookstore reserves the right to short-term technical breaks
access to the Website, caused by maintenance or updating of data on
2. The bookstore does not provide any additional services related to the website
Goods apart from the services specified in the Regulations.
§ 31
In the event of a dispute arising from the implementation of the Agreement, the Parties undertake to resolve
an attempt to resolve it amicably.
§ 32
1. The Regulations enter into force on December 24, 2014
2. The Regulations may change at any time. Information about the content of changes
The Regulations are posted immediately on the Website.
3. The changes are effective from the date of their publication on the Website and have no force

In connection with the implementation of the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council
of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to data processing
personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing the Directive
95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation "GDPR"), Stratus Publishing House B. Belcarz, A.
Juszczak, R. Pęczkowski sp.j. (“Stratus”) informs you about the principles of processing your data
personal data and your rights related to it. The following rules apply
starting from May 25, 2018. If you have any questions about the method and scope
processing of your personal data by Stratus, as well as your rights
rights, please contact Stratus Publishing House, ul. Żeromskiego 6A, 27-600 Sandomierz or
with the personal data inspector electronically via:
I. Designation of the administrator
The administrator of your personal data is Wydawnictwo Stratus B. Belcarz, A.
Juszczak, R. Pęczkowski sp.j. based in Sandomierz at ul. Żeromskiego 6A.
II. Where do we get personal data?
We received it from you when you created your account and later in connection with
transactions made by you in our online store.
III. Purposes and legal basis for the processing of your personal data. Publishing House
Stratus sp.j. you process your personal data for the purposes of:
1. taking steps at your request to conclude a purchase agreement
online store,
2. in other cases, your personal data will only be processed
based on previously granted consent to the extent and purpose specified in the consent.
3. Additionally, the law requires us to process data for the purposes
tax and accounting.
IV. Obligation to provide personal data to Stratus Publishing House
Providing your personal data is a condition for purchase and delivery
goods. To the extent that personal data is collected on the basis of consent, providing
personal data is voluntary.
V. Information about the recipients of your personal data In connection with processing
Your personal data for the purposes indicated in point. II, your personal data
may not be made available to the following recipients or categories of recipients:
1. public authorities and entities performing public tasks or
acting on behalf of public authorities, to the extent and for the purposes specified
result from legal provisions, e.g. the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the General
Financial Information Inspector;
2. entities participating in the processes necessary to implement the concluded contracts
purchase agreements with you.
VI. Personal data processing periods
Your personal data will be processed for the period necessary to fulfill the indicated objectives
in point II objectives, i.e. in the scope of implementation, and after that time for the period and scope
required by law or for the Publisher's justified implementation
the interest of the data controller to the extent specified in point II above, and in the case of
your consent to the processing of data after termination or expiration
contract, until this consent is withdrawn.
VII. Rights of the data subject The Publishing House would like to assure you that
that all persons whose personal data are processed by the Publishing House
Stratus sp.j., have appropriate rights under the GDPR. In connection with
you have the following rights:
(1) the right to access personal data, including the right to obtain a copy of this data;
(2) the right to request rectification (correction) of personal data - if
the data is incorrect or incomplete;
(3) the right to request the deletion of personal data (the so-called "right to be
forgotten”) – if:
(a) the data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise
(b) the data subject has objected to the processing of data,
(c) the data subject withdraws consent on which the processing is based
and there is no other legal basis for processing,
(d) the data is processed unlawfully,
(e) the data must be deleted in order to fulfill the obligation arising
from legal provisions;
(4) the right to request restriction of the processing of personal data - if:
1) the data subject disputes the accuracy of the personal data,
2) the data processing is unlawful and the data subject objects
deletion of data, requesting their restriction instead,
3) the controller no longer needs the data for its purposes, but the data subject
needs them to establish, defend or pursue claims,
4) the data subject has objected to the processing of data - until it is determined,
whether the legally justified grounds on the part of the controller override the legal basis

(5) the right to transfer personal data - if:
i) processing is carried out on the basis of a contract concluded with the data subject or
based on the consent expressed by such person and
ii) the processing is carried out by automated means;
(6) the right to object to the processing of personal data, including profiling, when:
i) there are reasons related to your particular situation and
VIII. The right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data
To the extent that you have consented to the processing of personal data, you are entitled to:
You have the right to withdraw it. Withdrawal of consent does not affect legality
data processing carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
IX. The right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority
If it is considered that the processing by Wydawnictwo Stratus sp.j. Your data
personal data violates the provisions of the GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent authority
supervisory authority.
Wydawnictwo Stratus B. Belcarz, A. Juszczak, R. Pęczkowski, sp.j. Żeromskiego 6A, 27-600 Sandomierz

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