Bartłomiej Belcarz 1961-2024

Bartłomiej Belcarz was an exceptional individual whose life and passions had a significant impact on the aviation, educational, and publishing environment in Poland. Born in 1961 and passed away in 2024, Bartłomiej Belcarz was not only a husband, father, and grandfather but also a respected teacher at the General Władysław Sikorski No. 1 School Complex in Stalowa Wola.

His family, comprising his wife, daughter, two sons, and grandchildren, was undoubtedly a source of support and inspiration for him. The moments he shared with his loved ones reflected his rich private life, full of love and dedication, just like his professional life.

His passion for the history of aviation was reflected both in his professional and private life.

Bartłomiej Belcarz earned a doctorate in aviation history, and he shared his knowledge and passion not only through teaching but also through numerous publications. He collaborated with the "Fanatyk Plastiku" publishing house - the first Polish publisher dedicated to plastic modelers, which was published between 1991-1997.

In 2001, he co-founded and became a co-owner of the Stratus Publishing House, which became a known source of publications on aviation topics. As an author, Bartłomiej Belcarz enriched the aviation literature with many valuable titles. His works include:

PZL P.11c;

Polish Wings No. 1;

Dewoitine D.520;

Polish Wings No. 3;

Polish Wings No. 2;

Camouflage & Decals 48-01;

GC 1/145 in France 1940;

Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet;

Montpellier Fighter Squadron;

Polish Wings No. 07 PWS 26 & others;

Polish Aviation in France 1940;

Polish Fighter Colours 1939–1947;

Fighters over France and the Low Countries;

Single No. 50 Caudron-Renault CR.714 Cyclone;

Polish Wings No. 18 Breguet 19, Farman F68 Goliath;

Caudron-Renault CR.714 Cyclone. The Ultimate Story;

WHITE EAGLES Operations of the Polish Air Force 1918-1939;

Gloster Gladiator;

Under the skies of the Maghreb. Polish aviators in French Africa;

He was a pioneer and an undisputed authority in the study of the history of Polish military aviation in France, 1940.

These books and titles published in the "Types of Weapons and Armament" series earned him recognition among aviation history enthusiasts.

As the editor of the "Modelmania" series at AJ-Press and the author of numerous articles in specialized magazines, Belcarz significantly contributed to promoting knowledge of aviation.

He was also the organizer of the Sikorski Model Show in Stalowa Wola, contributing to the popularization of modeling and aviation history.

The life and work of Bartłomiej Belcarz constitute an invaluable contribution to the development of knowledge about the history of aviation, both in Poland and worldwide. His passion, dedication, and achievements will remain a lasting legacy for future generations of aviation enthusiasts.

Wydawnictwo Stratus staff, Sandomierz 2005. Bartek sitting in the right.