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German Air Projects 1935-1945 vol. II

Red • 2004
Autor(zy)Marek Ryś
IlustratorMarek Ryś
Data wydania2004-07-01
Nr katalogowy5106
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FormatB5, 112 stron (24 w kolorze)
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The second part of a complete history of might-have-been German Air Force fighter projects. The speculation about what the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) might have achieved if World War II had continued into 1946 is a fascinating and rapidly growing field of interest. This book develops some of this intriguing speculation with extensive believable illustrations of aircraft that never flew, from the mid thirties until the end of the War. * Rarely documented aspect of World War Two aviation history. * Superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings. * Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts & scale aero-modellers.

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Czytaj recenzję

  • IPMS USA • 2013-09-28
    Reviewed By James Kelley, #42103 So, you’ve got a great new “Luft ’46 project sitting over on your eternity pile, that you picked up at that show last weekend? But what kind of reference, outside of speculation and conjecture, will you use? Dang… I hate to see that model start to collect as much dust as all of your other ones! Thanks to Mushroom Model Publications, it doesn’t have to; their newest release, German Air Projects 1935-1945 Volume 2: Fighter has hit the shelves, and I think it may have what you’re looking for. This 112 glossy-paged, soft back tome is packed full of line drawings, color plates, and brief narrative histories on well over 100 advanced projects envisioned by the Reichsluftfahrt Ministerium (State Ministry for Aviation) and put onto the drawing boards (and a few into production!). Projects planned by Heinkel, Henschel, Horten, Junkers, Lippisch, and some guy named Willy something-or-other are covered, and the possibilities of things that almost were are pretty scary… Benefits to the modeler include: · 82 line drawings of aircraft both real and envisioned, such as the Me 262, Me P.1110 (prophetically similar in design to the B-1 Lancer). · 29 color plates rendered by the author, who is also obviously a talented artist. · 24 tables comparing and contrasting aircraft dimensions, engine power & thrust, etc. (So you can baffle your friends at your next club meeting!) A very interesting read for the Luftwaffe aficionado, or the “Luft ‘46” modeler, the quality of this publication, along with the variety of content, make it well worth your twenty bucks. Highly recommended! My sincere thanks to John Noack, 1st VP IPMS/USA, and Mushroom model Publications for the opportunity to review this book.
  • Internet Modeler • 2013-09-28
    This new book by Mushroom Model Magazine Publishers (MMP) provides a continuing look at the multitudes of experimental WWII German aircrafts that were being designed late in the war. It is the second book, in what is to be a four volume series. The third and fourth books are to cover bomber projects. The previous book, and this new one, cover the fighter designs. The book is soft-cover and 112 pages in length. It is in MMP’s usual 6 ½” x 9 ½” format. It contains 82 line drawings of these experimental aircraft. Some of these illustrations are of the 3-view and 4-view variety. There are also 24 data charts covering these aircraft. The back of the book, plus the front and rear covers, give us a total of 30 color illustrations of some of these aircraft in flight or sitting on the ground. I suspect that these are of the computer generated type illustrations. This volume covers fighter projects from Heinkel, Henschel, Horten, Junkers, Lippisch, Messerschmitt and others. Included amongst this array of aircraft innovations are advanced piston-engined fighters, jet, rocket , ram-jet and mixed propulsion designs. The imagination of German designers of this late war period is clear, but how practical most of these designs would have been is still open to debate by historians of WWII. Some of them are said to perhaps actually have been built and maybe flown. However, war-time records do not exist to support this. This book will be of great interest (as was the previous book) to Luftwaffe enthusiasts and the growing number of "WHAT IF" (Luftwaffe 46) modelers, air historians and enthusiasts generally. Highly recommended.
  • Modeling Madness • 2013-09-28
    Reviewed by Scott Van Aken Though it has been a while since volume one was published, the long awaited volume two is now here. This picks up where the previous edition left off and continues with fighter projects. In here you will find Heinkel, Henschel, Horton, Junkers, Lippisch, Messerschmitt and the lesser aviation companies. As with the previous book, this one covers all the various projects that each company worked on. This not only includes paper projects but those where perhaps only a single prototype were completed; basically those that did not reach production. While most will think of jet or rocket aircraft, the scope of these books is not limited to that and does include some interesting piston engine projects as well. Each aircraft project is accompanies with superb line drawings of the aircraft and there are several performance tables also included. One of the real highlights of the book is a section in the back that has full color computer renderings of some of these fascinating aircraft. In all, a truly interesting book that reads very easily and is sure to spark your imagination. Highly recommended.
  • Amazon.co.uk bestseller list • 2013-09-28
  • SAMI 10/2004 • 2013-09-28

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