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Fighters over France and the Low Countries

Red • 2002
Autor(zy)Bartłomiej Belcarz
IlustratorArtur Juszczak
Data wydania2002-10-01
Nr katalogowy5104
KategoriaSold Out KategoriaWyprzedana
FormatB5, 152 stron (32 w kolorze)
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The full story of fighter operations over France in 1940:- covering aircraft and airmen from France, Germany, Britain, Belgium, Holland, Poland and other European countries. The key battle in the air has been overshadowed by the later Battle of Britain - but the lessons the RAF learned over France, and the many experienced pilots and crew who escaped from German clutches to join the RAF, played a major role in that victory. The invasion of France was an important step in Hitler's domination of Europe, but also helped forge the multi-national alliance that finally defeated him. Chapter's authors: Belgium - J.L. Roba Holland -P. Thagon France - B. Belcarz UK - R. Wallsgrove Germany - R. Michulec Poland - B. Belcarz Czechoslovak - J. Rajlich
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Czytaj recenzję

  • Empire City Decals • 2009-10-20

    Mushroom Model Publications (MMP) has steadily gained traction as a unique publisher of some very well-produced monographs on some overlooked and unique aviation and armor subjects. This is one of their earlier titles covering the variety of air forces active in 1940 spring campaign. Apart from the well-known RAF, Luftwaffe and Armee de l'Air types, we're also given an overview of Dutch and Belgian efforts, as well as the contribution of POlish and Czech expatriate pilots flying with the French. (41) color profiles and a small spread of period color photos bring thee planes to life. All in all, a well-written package describing the situation in the air in 1940.

    This book has gone OOP, but MMP continues to offer an exciting catalog of titles; check them out

  • Amazon.com Customer Reviews • 2009-10-20
    A Comprehensive Review, February 13, 2004 Reviewer: Jeff Burgess from Phoenix, AZ United States This book includes separate chapters on the Dutch, Belgian, French, RAF, and German air forces involved in this campaign, along with numerous photos and color plates. It also has separate chapters on the Polish and Czech units that flew French planes. I believe it is the most comprehensive review of this air campaign available in English.
  • PKC (April 2003) by Ray Rimell • 2009-10-20
  • Modeling Madness • 2009-10-20
    Reviewed by Scott Van Aken Here is yet another fascinating book from Mushroom Models Publications. This particular edition is on the Fighters that participated during the German invasion of Holland, Belgium and France in 1940. Unlike previous editions, this one has multiple authors, with each taking a specific portion of the book. It is #4 in the 'Historical' series The 152 page card covered book includes 21 pages of color profiles as well as a number of photos that I have not seen before. Charts and tables are also included to show aces and other pertinent information. The book also includes several period color photographs. Basically, here is a rundown of the sections and their authors: Dutch Air Force by Jean-Louis Roba Belgian Air Force by Peter Taghon RAF in France by Roger Wallsgrove French Air Force by Bartlomiej Belcarz German Air Force by Robert Michulec Polish Air Force in France by Bartlomiej Belcarz Czech Air Force in France by Jiri Rajlich These sections are followed by the color photos and the profiles. I was particularly impressed that the book chose authors who are well versed in their particular sections. I also found the portions of the Polish and Czech AF in French service to be most interesting as well as the French section itself. We in North America tend to focus on the British and German forces during this time period, leaving a lot of history unknown to us. I for one enjoy learning about other forces that were in action during early/mid 1940 as their story does not often get told. Overall this is really an excellent book. It has lots of very good photos and has enough detail to make it a most useful reference book on the period.
  • Internet Modeler • 2009-10-20
    Rewieved by Ray Mehlberger In the last couple of years Mushroom Model Magazine (UK) has begun to translate some really great Polish aircraft books into the English language. I have reviewed several of these in past issues of Internet Modeler (check archives). Mushroom Model Magazine is also a great publication and monthly features articles and reviews of aircraft models. The lastest book from MMP, number 4 in their Red Series (Historical series), describes the operations of fighter units involved in combat in France, Holland, and Belgium in 1939-40. Each chapter is written by a different author, a specialist on that particular subject, and the air arms of Holland, Belgium, France, Britain and Germany are covered thoroughly. Also included are the operations of Czech and Polish airmen fighting in France. The book is 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" soft-cover format. It contains 152 pages. There are 200 black and white wartime photos. A lot of these are showing destroyed aircraft on the ground. Nine more wartime photos are in full color. In the back of the book ,and on the rear cover, there are 39 color profiles, five of which are three views. Aircraft shown in these profiles are as follows: Fokker D. XXI (Dutch) Hurricane Mk. I (Belgium & RAF) Gladiator Mk. I (Belgium & RAF) MS 406 (France) Hawk 75A-1 & 2 (France) Dewoitine D520 (France) Koolhoven KF58 (France) ME-109E-3 (Germany) BF-110C (Germany) Caudron Cyclone C714 (France) Bloch 152 (France) There are five maps that show the German advances at various times through the campaign agains France and the low countries. These are also no less than 25 charts and lists of information about the battles, units, and equipment used at this time. This is a very detailed and informative book about the early days of the air wars in WWII. Highly recommended.
  • Hyperscale.com • 2009-10-20
    Reviewed by Brett Green Mushroom Model Publication's latest book is "Fighters over France and the Low Countries". The book is a little different to other titles in the series as each chapter is written by a different expert in the particular country being covered. Although the Battle of Britain, the American and British bomber campaigns and the Defence of the Reich, plus the Eastern and North African fronts are well covered, the earliest European campaigns in Poland, Scandinavia, the Low Countries, and the Balkans have received less attention from authors and modellers. It is pleasing to see the subject of the air war over France and the Low Countries as the focus of this Mushroom Model Magazine Special. The book comprises 152 pages in 9.5" x 6.5" format, with soft covers and including a twenty page colour profile section and a further four pages of excellent colour wartime photos. Countries discussed in this book include Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and even Polish and Czech fighters in France. Each country's section is generously illustrated with photographs. The text follows a common format - mainly discussing operations, with a summary of victories and losses for each combatant. Camouflage is not really covered, apart from the colour profiles, presumably due to the massive scope considering the number of Air Forces and aircraft types. As with other books in this series, my only criticism is that the book's format dictates that some of the photographs are quite small, but there are less of these small photos than in earlier titles. The twenty page colour profile section includes 51 illustrations of MB 152, C 714, MS 406, D.520, Bf 109E, Bf 110, FK.58, Hawk 75, Gladiator, Hurricane and Fokker D. XXI. It is nice to see some full-page side profiles, and other subjects being depicted in four-views. 9 wartime photographs are included in the colour section. These are a great and rare glimpse at the actual colours used in the early period of WWII. This book is a succinct and useful resource for the aircraft modeller or the aircraft historian. Recommended

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