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North American P-51D Mustang (BiG Yellow)

BiG Yellow • 2016
Autor(zy)Robert Pęczkowski
IlustratorZbigniew Kolacha, Artur Juszczak
Data wydania2016-11-30
SeriaBiG Yellow
Nr katalogowyBiG 07
KategoriaSold Out KategoriaWyprzedana
FormatA4, 152 stron (152 w kolorze)
Cena89.00 PLN Cena19.00 GBP

This detailed monograph covers the design and development of the P-51D Mustang family, the main wartime production variant of this classic fighter.

The P-51D model introduced the definitive ‘bubble’ canopy and heavier armament, and was the mount of many aces. After W.W.II the Mustang saw action again in Korea, and also served with many other air forces around the world.

This book contains:

Comprehensive technical details of the American built P-51D, P-51K and the Australian CAC Mustangs.

Numerous specially selected original NAA technical photographs

Production and service photos

A wide range of colour profiles

Rare colour photographs from W.W.II

Detailed photographs featuring modern highly accurate restorations, inside and out, and including under rebuild and servicing details.

Full plans in 1/72 scale

Profusely illustrated with photos, including a comprehensive walk-around section showing all aspects of the airframe, and diagrams from official manuals.

This book provides all the core technical details of the P-51D family in one compact, economical volume.

Second, expanded and revised edtion of the book:

North American P-51D Mustang, ISBN: 978-83-89450-60-9


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  • Airfix Model World Free 2017 • 2017-12-12
    Airfix Model World Free 2017 56
  • • 2017-03-03

    North American P-51D (Mustang) Book Review

    Published: March 3rd, 2017      
    Product Image
    Front Cover
    Author: Robert Peczkowski
    Reviewed by: 
    Company: Mushroom Model Publications
    ISBN #: 978-83-65281-24-3
    Other Publication Information: Hardcover, 152 pages, 31 color profiles, 2 top views, 3 illustrations, B&W period photos and color photos from museum examples. 1/72 scale plans
    Price: $25.00


    The North American P-51D requires little if any introduction, however reference material for it is always sought after. This book is intended to cover all bubbletop variants: -D, -K, CAC production and Cavalier production.

    The book is broken down in a logical way, having a 2-page introduction to the type (as I said, it does not need much introduction). Then it goes into the production series, with the –D and –K series as the main versions covered while the CAC (Australian) and Cavalier production are also covered, but not as in depth as the previous versions.  You get many 1/72nd scale drawings of all the different production series.

    A really interesting section is a comparison of performance with other fighters of the same time: Bf-109G, Mc.202, Fw-190, P-47 and Spitfire. Let’s be clear, this is not a “how will win a dogfight”, but rather a comparison on climb rates, weight, speed, ceiling and such.

    Finally the book has an exhaustive section “In Detail”, which includes close-up pictures of surviving examples, drawings from maintenance manuals and some artistic depictions of the airplane interior, including a great drawing of the instrument panel.

    The bibliography for the P-51 Mustang is ample so it is difficult to say if this book is “the best” of its type. However I have no doubts this book is an excellent reference book on the late mark Mustangs. Profusely illustrated with B&W and color pictures and 30+ color profiles this book is a source of inspiration for modelers

    Highly recommended.

    I would like to thank Model Mushroom Publisher and IPMS/USA for the review sample.

  • Model Airplane International 3/2017 • 2017-02-24
    Model Airplane International 2017 03 2
  • • 2017-02-23

    MMP's North American P-51D Mustang

    Author: Robert Pęczkowski
    Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
    Price £19.00
    Reviewer: Scott Van Aken
    Notes: 152 pages, hardbound, A4 format
    ISBN 978-83-65281-23-4

    The info sheet that came with this book states that it is a second edition and revision of a previous book. The book itself is a large hardbound edition and covers the design and development of the P-51D Mustang. It does not include the earlier A/B/C versions other than in just passing and does include the P-51K and mentions the P-51H at the end of the book.

    So you get a book that concentrates on the most widely produced variant, the 'bubble top' Mustang. We are provided a nice history of the development of this variation, which differs from the earlier version in its cut down rear fuselage and the slightly different wing.

    One can basically divide the book into two major sections. One is history and development of the aircraft, which includes those built in Australia by CAC. this section is crammed full of great photos (many of them color), color profiles and some color art work. This includes a small section on warbirds and other survivors. It also briefly touches on those planes operated by other nations.

    The second part of the book is more detailed and is on the airframe and systems of the P-51. This makes copious use of photos of both warbird and museum aircraft along with period images and illustrations from North American's tech manuals and original factory drawings.

    In all, it makes for an outstanding reference for any Mustang enthusiast and some great reading and eye candy for the rest of us. It is a book that is well worth obtaining and is one that I have no trouble providing my highest recommendation.

    February 2017

    Many thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for providing the review copy. Your support is appreciated. You can get this book direct from this link. It can also be ordered from Casemate Publishing in the US and Platypus Publications in Australia.

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