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Supermarine Spitfire V

Spotlight ON • 2015
Autor(zy)Robert Grudzień
IlustratorRobert Grudzień
Data wydania2015-10-30
SeriaSpotlight ON
Nr katalogowySpot 5
KategoriaSold Out KategoriaWyprzedana
FormatA4, 44 stron (44 w kolorze)
Cena89.00 PLN Cena19.00 GBP

More than 44 colour profiles of famous Supermarine Spitfire V.
Many versions and users are shown including camouflage patterns from different theatres of WWII.
Includes one big profile 76 cm (30 inch) long.



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  • IPMSUSA.org • 2015-12-31

    Supermarine Spitfire V

    Published: December 30th, 2015      
    Product Image
    Front cover
    Author: Robert Grudzien
    Reviewed by: 
    Dick Montgomery, IPMS# 14003
    Company: Mushroom Model Publications
    ISBN #: 978-8363678791
    Other Publication Information: Hardcover, 42 pages, 8.5x12, 44+ color profiles
    Price: $28.00
    Product / Stock #: Spot 5


    You can view the book trailer for this publication at: http://mmpbooks.biz/ksiazki/303

    When one thinks of WWII and the RAF, the Spitfire instantly comes to mind. Author and illustrator Robert Grudzien has created a superb album of Spitfire V profiles in full color.

    The illustrations include Spitfire Vs flown by the British, Poles, Australians, USAAF, Soviet, Yugoslavian, Greek, Italian, Egyptian and Turkish Air Forces. Also included is a Spitfire VB in “captured” Luftwaffe markings.

    The illustrations are excellent resources for those who are searching for camouflage patterns and some lesser known color schemes and markings. A quad page fold-out shows the port side of probably the best known Spitfire B used by the Poles and flown by S/Ldr Jan Zumbach.

    If you are an aficionado of the Spitfire then this publication is a “must” addition for your library. And if you are a modeler then this publication will open up a world of possibilities for painting. An excellent resource publication, as well as an attractive “coffee-table” book, I highly recommend this publication.

    This publication is highly recommended due to the prolific number of excellent profile drawings. Thanks to Mushroom Models Publications for providing this book for review by IPMS/USA.

  • Inscale.org • 2015-12-20

    Supermarine Spitfire V
    Series: Spotlight ON
    Publisher: MMP Books (Poland)
    Text: English
    ISBN:     978-83-63678-81-4


    spitfirespotlightonBrand new book in “Spotlight ON” series is Supermarine Spitfire V.
    Author and illustrator – Robert Grudzien.
    This fantastic reference book are printed on glossy paper, format A4, hardback and includes 44 full color, highly detailed individual profiles with comprehensive captions, and few very interesting camouflages and markings of Spitfires mark V in foreign services. Color profiles are surely the best comparing the similar publications.

    Sample pages:

    spotlightonspitfire 001

    spotlightonspitfire 003

    spotlightonspitfire 004

    spotlightonspitfire 005

    spotlightonspitfire 006

    As a bonus, the book offers an exclusive one fold-out color profile 76cm (30 inches) long.

    spotlightonspitfire 002

    To learn something new from aviation history or to use as a reference in your hobby, this book is definitely, one of those publications (for the really reasonable price considering quality and effort of the author invested in this book) that you’ll want to keep on your shelf for future reference.

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