Warpaint 4 variant

Warpaint: Volume 4

Colours and Markings of British Army Vehicles 1903-2003

Green • 2021
Autor(zy)Dick Taylor
IlustratorClaudio Fernandez
Data wydania2021-05-11
Nr katalogowy4112
KategoriaAvailable KategoriaDostępne
FormatA4, 160 stron (160 w kolorze)
Cena114.00 PLN Cena25.00 GBP

This book, the long-awaited final volume in the series, further describes and illustrates post-WW2 British armoured camouflage and markings as follows:




The book is profusely illustrated with photographs, colour profiles, and detailed drawings. It describes in detail the official paint schemes, the variations often seen in practice, and the individual and unit markings applied to tanks, armoured cars, lorries and smaller vehicles, and towed guns. The series is invaluable for military enthusiasts and modellers, making sense of a very confusing topic!

British Army vehicle names.

The following tables list the known individual names given to vehicles in the British Army from 1900 onwards. Where known the vehicle type, unit, and time period is included, as well as any relevant additional information. Also included in the WWII section are Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Czech, Dutch, Indian, New Zealand and Polish (etc) names seen on vehicles issued from British stock. This information will be updated and corrected as more information becomes available, and to that end we welcome comments, corrections and suggestions from all! Please send any comments or information to: Tables corrections

Link to tables - Tables version 4 in PDF format as at 6 April 2015.

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  • Broń i Amunicja • 2013-01-27
    Recenzja czterech tomów książek "Warpaint - Colours & Markings of British Army Vehicles 1903-2003" pióra Wojciecha Łuczaka - Broń i Amunicja nr 03/2012
  • Amazon.co.uk bestseller list • 2012-12-31
  • Armorama.com • 2012-12-31

    by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


    Recently released by MMP Books is the 4th and final volume in Dick Taylor’s Colours and Marking of British Army Vehicles 1903 – 2003. This final volume is structured in the same style as Volumes 1 to 3, quality A4 format and consists of 160 pages of information and supporting photographs.

    The 4th Volume concentrates on 3 main areas: Ground and air recognition systems; Vehicle Names; and Miscellaneous Vehicle Markings.

    So for the first time a connected series of volumes (1 to 4) offer the reader a comprehensive and well researched insight into the colours and marking of British Army Vehicles covering the period 1903 to 2003. Dick Taylor is a serving officer in the British Army, currently holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel with the Royal Tank Regiment and an acknowledged historian.

    You will find reviews on the previous volumes here on site:

    The Book

    A quality production with well written text and supporting photographic evidence, plates and tables covering what is a massive subject area, from the early 1900s through to the modern times, across a wide range of theatres of operation.

    Pages 5 to 37 cover data on Ground and Air Recognition Vehicle Markings. From the early marking of WWI, this section includes; Between the Wars, WW2 markings, early systems in the Western Desert, use of RAF Roundel and the Allied Star plus other air recognition systems. The Post War period is covered along with Korea, Suez and other theaters of operation. Moving to more recent events the Liberation of Kuiwait and other operations between the 1990’s and 2000’s have mention. This chapter concludes with recognition systems used during the Iraq War in 2003.

    Pages 43 to 64 covers data on Vehicle Names (see below). Again this chapter spans a very large time period.

    Pages 70 to 152 cover data on Miscellaneous Vehicle Marking. Ambulances, convoy plates, bridge classifications, and vehicle weight class all get explored. A very useful section on the mysteries of the Flag system is included, again covering the period from WWI to 2003. National Insignia, load and maintenance markings, tool, fire extinguishers, Bomb Disposal Units, Army Fire Service, Staff Car plates, Movement Control and Traffic control signs are all covered. There is a section on Fording and Wading markings plus much more.

    Pages 155 to 160 list Reference sources and Bibliography.

    A table of contents resides on page 3 and 4 with an explanatory introduction to the volume and series on page 5.

    If your interest is in British Military vehicles then this volume is another fantastic source of information, and with such a wide time span most probably contains something for everyone, whether model builder or historian. There should be something for everyone interested in this genre.


    I was delighted to see Volume 4 come into being. I take my hat off to Dick Taylor and those involved for what must have been a mammoth task. Should you find error or new information that could be added to the subject area then I would urge you to forward same onto Mr. Taylor.

    Volume 4 had originally intended to include a listing of known vehicle names but due to the sheer volume of information that is around it was determined that a better approach to this area would be to host an updateable file which can be accessed here:(see pdf bottom of page)

    Vehicle Listing

    Many, including myself, have already contributed their private research to this site and I would encourage anyone with new information to forward it on via email to:


    so that this valuable resource continues to grow and be added to.

    My congratulations and thanks to both Dick and MMP Books on producing another exceptional resource, that should be valued now and, I have no doubt, will be in the future.

  • Internetmodeler.com • 2012-12-31

    By Chris Banyai-Riepl

    The fourth and final volume of the superlative series on British Army vehicles is finally out, completing what is undoubtedly the most thorough reference on the colors and markings of British vehicles. This last volume documents the ground and air recognition markings, as well as vehicle names (briefly; more on that later) and miscellaneous markings. This is a great finish to the series, and like the others, is packed with information.

    This volume is divided up into those sections listed above, with the first covering ground and air recognition markings. This section is further divided up to cover the various wars. World War One, World War Two, Korea, Suez, the liberation of Kuwait and the Iraq War all have their own specific chapters, with other conflicts and peacetime markings covered separately. The vehicle name section follows this, and this one is more of a summary rather than a detailed examination. That detailed examination is instead provided online as a free download from the MMP website. Finally, the miscellaneous markings section covers such details as vehicle weight classes, convoy plates, national insignia, legal and safety, and other miscellania.

    While as a standalone book this one might not be as strong as some of the other volumes, together with the other three this is a very thorough and detailed reference on British Army vehicle colors and markings.

  • MMI 08/2012 • 2012-12-31
  • Amazon.co.uk customer review (1) • 2012-12-31

    By Brian20

    An excellent volume well up to the standard of the previous 3. I am sure that this will become the standard work on this topic for many years both for modellers and vehicle restorers. For me personally, the extensive bibliography has provided possible lines of enquiry for other info I need for my own specific projects. In my view, if you have one set of books on this subject this should be your choice. Highly recommended.

  • wwiimodeller.co.nz • 2012-12-31

    Mushroom Model Publications (MMP) is based in the U.K. Their books are all printed in Poland by their partner Stratus in Sandomierz in the English language. Stratus also does their own books in Polish. This book came to me direct from Stratus, packaged very heavily in cardboard wrap.

    This final volume in the acclaimed Warpaint series on British Army colours and markings, deals with ground and air recognition systems, vehicle names, and miscellaneous markings. Once again the author, a serving British army officer and a qualified historian, sheds light on this subject in a clear and knowledgeable manner.

    The book is paperback and is 160 pages long in 8 1/4” 11 3/4” page format.

    In addition to 170 black and white photos and 74 in color (including the cover shot). There are 15 color profiles of representative vehicles and color artworks of the many flags, vehicle markings, and recognition symbols used by the army over this whole period. There are several data lists included and a bibliography.

    This book will prove to be an invaluable source of information for military historians, modelers and enthusiasts, trying to make sense of a complex and confusing topic.

    The whole topic of vehicle names is too large and complex to be covered properly in one book. Dick Taylor has joined forces with other enthusiasts to prepare detailed tables of the known names used on British vehicles, and these are now available for free download from the MMP website (see below). This information is being regularly updated and comments, additions and corrections are welcome!

    Highly recommended.

  • Kitmaniac.com • 2012-12-31

    This book, the long-awaited final volume in the series, the book have 160 pages in A4 format, full of Color photos. Further describes and illustrates post-WW2 British armoured camouflage and markings as follows:




    Today our review book is the newest title of the Mushroom Model Publications Warpaint series. This book is the 4th and last volume of this series that is the most comprehensive guide about the evolution and development of the paint and markings of the British army vehicles actually on the market.

    The Author is Dick Taylor, is a Serving British Army officer that served in many areas of the world as a tank gunnery and biological, radiological and nuclear operations instructor. Are graduated as Master by Dundee university.

    This chapters gives us a great opportunity to explore the British camouflage and markings organization and application on the years after the end of WWII.

    The Book become an easy way to understand the British Army organization and give us the information material for a great number of vehicles, smaller, armored cars, tanks and towed guns. A full color number of photos are another great score of this excellent release.

    Are hundreds of photos, completed by a very accurate number of tables with unit’s organizations and composition on the British Army. The Book have a great number of color profile of a great variety of Army vehicles from the end of 40’s to the Afghanistan campaigns on the first years of the 21th century.


    I have no doubts that is an awesome title to compound a completely research material about the British Army vehicles. The photo and profile material that compose this volume are an unless material for all military modelers and researchers interested on the British Army themes.


    Vini Pompeo

  • Amazon.co.uk customer review (2) • 2012-12-31

    By Hauke Krapf

    An other of the outstanding books of Dick Taylor!

    If you are interested in British Vehicles and wanting to improve or learn more in respect of markings and colors, these books are a must for the military modeler and enthusiast!

  • Pallasch 43 • 2012-12-31
  • Airfix Model World 01/2013 • 2012-12-31

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