Camouflage & Markings

White • 2010
Autor(zy)Krzysztof W. Wołowski
IlustratorKrzysztof W. Wołowski
Data wydania2010-09-29
Nr katalogowy9110
KategoriaAvailable KategoriaDostępne
FormatA4, 112 stron (112 w kolorze)
Cena120.00 PLN Cena25.00 GBP

Książka opisuje i ilustruje ostatnie wersje Bf 109 z wysokim ogonem. Są tutaj opisane zarówno ostatnie wersje Gustava jak i 'K'.

Opisane zostały zarówno różnice konstrukcyjne jak i malowania w rozbiciu na wersje i zakłady produkcyjne. Malowania zostały przedstawione na kilkudziesięciu przykładach.

This book describes and illustrates the late versions of the Bf 109 with long tail during WW2. Covering the late Bf 109 G and K variants, the camouflage and markings of these aircraft are described and illustrated in great detail. Fully illustrated with many rare wartime photos, and scale plans of the version's deferences. Full colour profiles of many representative aircraft.

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  • Amazon.com custoner review (4th) • 2013-12-06

    5 Stars

    great book, March 30, 2013

    By Chris Aukes - See all my reviews

    Excellent book, many illustrations. Great color drawings with some 3 views included. Interesting airplane , I learned a lot about it I didn't know.

  • Scaleplasticandrail.com • 2013-12-06

    A few months ago, I reviewed a folder of beautifully printed artwork of colour profiles in 'poster' format with a 1/48 and 1/72 Techmod decal/stencil sheet for two Bf109G-10 and one G-14 aircraft. The folder was designed to be used in conjunction with this book, but somehow the book did not arrive. Please see my review here.

    At the recent Southern Expo Model Show in March, 2012, MMP had a stand ably manned by the proprietor, Dr Roger Wallsgrove, the editor in chief, who readily rectified the situation by giving me a copy of the book for this review. We are fortunate to have someone who has the pulse of what makes us modellers tick – and I think this shows in the publications that flow from MMP.

    Have I said before that I am a Luftwaffe fan and Bf109 devotee as well? Well, if there are any more you out there with the same interests, then this book is an absolute 'must have' for your bookshelf as it is crammed full of photographs (some original colour pictures from WWII), excellent line drawings and those wonderful full colour profiles with the relevant colour call outs and detailed information.


    Do you like statistics? How about 59 mono photographs, 16 colour photographs, 99 colour profiles and 27 line drawings. Appetite whetted?

    Thirst quenched? It should be if you like Bf109's.

    If that wasn't enough, let me take you through the table of contents:


    Development of the DB605 engine

    Vertical Tail Unit (did you know there were 9

    different versions identified through T1 to T5)




    Bf 109G-5AS

    Bf 109G-6AS

    Bf 109G-14

    Bf 109G-14AS

    Bf 109G-10

    Bf 109K-4

    Upper Camouflage Schemes


    This is an excellent publication and one that should be on the bookshelves of every aircraft enthusiast, not just Luftwaffe fans, and Roger Wallsgrove is to be congratulated for his input. It almost goes without saying that the author/artist Krzysztof W. Wolowski deserves plaudits for his superb research and artwork.

    So what do we think?

    I think I have said it all in the foregoing paragraphs. In the view of this humble reviewer, this is a reference book par excellence and one that will certainly get well-thumbed in the vicinity of my model room. Why not peruse the range offered by MMP by visiting their website www.mmpbooks.biz where you can also purchase this book for UK£19.99 which, to my mind, is excellent value for money.

    Our thanks to Roger for this sample copy. To purchase directly, click THIS link.

    Peter Buckingham

  • Aeroplane 07/2011 • 2013-12-06
  • Cybermodeler.com • 2013-12-06

    by Ray Mehlberger

    Date of Review October 2010

    The most produced fighter aircraft in history, the Messerschmitt Bf 109 is a source of constant fascination to airdraft enthusiasts and modellers. In this volume the camouflage and markings applied to the last few production variants is discussed and illustrated in detail. Differences between the various late model G’s and Bf 109K’s are described, with scale plans, and the colors applied by the various factories are explained and illustrated. The book includes many photos, and full color drawings of many individual aircraft.

    The 109 served from 1936 to 1945 and even beyond. After the war the Spanish Air Force built it as the Hispano Aviación Ha 1112 ... with a Rolls engine. It was also built by Avia in Czechoslovakia as the S-199 with a radial Junkers 211 engine for use by the Czech Air Force and Israel. Towards the end of it’s production life, there was great variation between subtypes and between manufacturers, a confusion of airframe details, equipment, engines and the like.

    In this book, the author seeks to clarify the situation with regard to late production Bf 109G’s and –K’s, with a special focus on the colors and markings applied at the factories. Details of various subtypes are explained and illustrated, and the “official” color schemes are shown in color profiles.

    The book is profusely illustrated with 16 color photographs (5 at the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio) and many black and white wartime photos. There are line drawings of 9 different tail unit variants and line drawings of cockpit variants. A page of color patches, called out in RLM numbers and German names is included.

    The first chapter is on the Bf 109G-5/AS. It includes a 2-view color illustration, a black and white wartime photo of Kurt Tank and Hptmn. Gunther Specht looking over Specht’s 30 kill total marks on the tail of his 109 and a 1/48th scale profile line drawing.

    The second chapter is on the Bf 109-6/AS. It includes 1 black and white wartime photo, 2 1/48th scale profile line drawings and 6 color profile illustrations.

    The third chapter is on the Bf 109G-14. It includes 2 color wartime photos, 12 black and white wartime photos, 2 color 3-view illustrations, color illustrations of the tops and bottom of the wings, 4 1/48th scale profile line drawings and 5 color profile illustrations (one of these in captured British markings and one in Hungarian markings).

    The fourth chapter is on the Bf 109G-14/AS. It includes a black and white photo of a 109 in Croatian markings, a color 3-view illustration, 4 1/48th scale profile line drawings, 1 color wartime photo and 11 black and white ones (1 photo is in the Croatian markings, 1 is in captured British and 1 in Italian markings)

    The fifth chapter is on the Bf 109G-10. It includes 2 wartime color photos, 16 black and white wartime photos (the majority of which are of wrecks), 6 1/48th scale profile line drawings of cockpit variations and 2 of air scoop variants, 123 color profile illustrations (1 in Italian marks, 1 in post-war Yugoslavian marks, a 4-view of one in Hungarian marks, a 4-view of one in Luftwaffe marks and two in Czechoslovakian marks – one of these is Czech post-war marks)

    The sixth chapter is on the Bf 109K-4. It includes 19 color profile illustrations (one of these is a 3-view), 2 color wartime photos, 4 1/48th scale profile line drawings, color illustrations of the upper and lower wing surfaces, 14 black and white wartime photos (some of these are also of wrecks),

    These chapters is followed by a page of 5 color illustrations of upper camouflage schemes, 2 pages that have 3 large line drawings showing stencil marks and their locations on the 109 and a page of bibliography.

    The book is 112 pages in length, soft-cover and in 8 ¼” x 11 ¾” page format. The back cover of the book shows the cover arts of two other aircraft books that MMP/Stratus markets: “Henshel Hs 129” & “Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet”, reviewed elsewhere here on Cyber Modeler by me.

    All I can say, when I opened the cover on this book and saw all the wonderful color profiles etc….was a great big WOW! If you like the 109 as much as I do, this book is a must for modelers and aviation historians and enthusiasts. Very, very highly recommended.

  • Amazon bestseller list • 2013-12-06
  • falkeeins.blogspot.com • 2013-12-06

    FalkeEins - the Luftwaffe blog

    Posted by FalkeEins

    Now this was a nice surprise from MMP books (Mushroom). 'Bf 109 Late versions' is a large A-4 format, card-covered 112-page volume of Krzysztof Wolowski's superb artworks covering the later versions of the Bf109. If you have Banyl-Reipl's Warpaint 'book' then this is similar, but I have to say that Wolowski's new volume is much more carefully compiled and exploits the latest research and picture 'finds'. Starting with Günther Specht's G-5/AS, each late variant is given a page or so of text, scale side-views, three or four pages of photographs and up to eleven pages of very nicely rendered profile artwork (in the case of the K-4). Captions are lengthy and include full discussion of the likely colours. The artworks are reproduced mostly at around 1/32 scale (ie large !) at a guess, including top views, lower surface views and 'offical' camouflage schemes. The text introducing each variant details developmental differences and some operational highlights while providing information on manufacturers and Werknummer blocks and includes decent photographic coverage including some colour images. I have yet to come across a single error in the artwork - although given that interpreting colour information from black and white photos is a pretty subjective 'science' some of the artist's choices will inevitably come under discussion (see below).

    Unfortunately the odd photograph is not very well reproduced, being rather too dark and I would say that a majority of the pictures portray abandoned and wrecked aircraft. This certainly doesn't detract from the conviction of the overall presentation since this book is primarily about Krzysztof's artwork. As I mentioned, one or two of his colour choices will raise eyebrows, for example the well-known 'Green 7' of JG 300 (P73) has here become a III./JG 6 machine - 'because JG 300 were never based in Prague' - when we know that the rump of this unit was indeed in Prague, thanks to the accounts in Lorant and Goyat's JG 300 history quoted in this volume's bibliography. However this is pretty minor league criticism. To conclude the profile artist presents a wide range of convincing profile artworks that will be indispensable viewing/reading for late-war Bf109 enthusiasts and modellers. Great job Krzysztof!

    Certainly one of the best profile artwork books I've come across and an excellent incentive to check out some of MMP's other recent Luftwaffe titles.

  • Hannants.co.uk Bestseller list • 2013-12-06
  • ModelingMadness.com • 2013-12-06

    Scott Van Aken

    Many modelers have a fascination for camouflage and markings schemes and none is more debated and more interesting that those applied to late WWII Luftwaffe fighters. In particular the Bf-109. The aircraft was built at four different factories and each provided their own touches in terms of equipment, the colors used in the camouflage, and the way they painted the camouflage on the aircraft.

    The new book from MMP Books helps to clarify much of this all under one cover. The book concentrates on the camouflage schemes used by the late mark 109s and also covers the differences in the variants.

    The book opens with the development of the DB 605 engine that powered the late war aircraft. This is important as it is as much the engine used as anything that caused a change to the engine cowling (or not) on these aircraft. Next, the development of the tall tail and rudder is covered. There are no fewer than nine different variations on this section and they are all fully explained as to their differences. Next, the colors used. Late war Luftwaffe colors can be difficult to pin down and include RLM 77 and RLM 84, two shades that are rarely provided by model paint manufacturers, but are shades that, official or not, were widely used late in the war. A table is provided to give an idea of how these shades appeared.

    The major portion of the book covers the different 109 versions and the camouflage schemes used. Starting with the 109G-5/AS and continuing through to the 109K-4, each version has a description of the airframe, some period photos of these planes and large, full color profiles and top views of a selection of aircraft. Some of these profiles are from photos in the book while others are based on information from the various references. I appreciate the large reference section in this as there has been a lot of information provided in the last decade or so that has helped to further pin down some aircraft types and colors, helping to revise some of the older data from previous published sources.

    In all, it is a superb book and one that you simply must have, especially if your interest is in late war 109 camouflage or Luftwaffe camouflage in general. It is the type of book that has modelers reaching for the shelves in order to build what are some of the more interesting aircraft to come from WWII.

    A book that I can quite easily give my highest recommendation.

    October 2010

  • www.aerostories.org • 2013-12-06

    For sure a book which will seduce the modeler at first sight who is willing to make a late version Bf109 model, I mean from the G-6/AS to the K-4. With this book, he is going to find all what he needs to complete his model, with plenty of colour drawings (about 80 plus top and bottom views), as well plenty of photographs including many wartime shots. There are also many scale plans which will guide the modeler and useful explanations on the various subtypes in aiming to help him to identify a late war 109.

    Anyhow, a good source of inspiration for the modeler and a very good source of information for the historian.

    Highly Recommended vPhil Listemann

  • IPMS UK magazine 03/2011 • 2013-12-06
  • www.scalemodellingnow.com • 2013-12-06

    Now here’s a useful bit of kit for all WWII Luftwaffe fighter modellers…

    The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was the most-produced fighter aircraft in history, and served in combat from 1936-1945 (and even beyond!). Towards the end of its production life, there was great variation between subtypes and between manufacturers, a confusion of airframe details, equipment, engines and the like. In this book, the author seeks to clarify the situation with regard to late production Bf 109Gs and Ks, with special focus on the colours and markings applied at the factories. Details of the various subtypes are explained and illustrated and the “official” colour schemes are shown in colour profiles. But of the course the great thing with late WWI Luftwaffe fighters is that there was such variation between type to type and sub-type to sub-type that modellers can have a ball trying to create their own finish based on exactly the kind of valuable, well researched information contained in titles like this one.

    The book is profusely illustrated with photographs, scale plans and colour profiles. Many individual aircraft of the late series are shown in colour profiles, illustrating the individual and unit markings.

    This is an invaluable reference source not only for scale modellers but also historians and enthusiasts alike.

    The production quality of this title is superb featuring nice high quality matt paper. The whole production oozes quality and this is exemplified in the profiles that are inspirational and motivating. Go on, get your decal file out and just build one the many, many late Mk Bf 109s that are available there or from you favourite retailer.

    The plans and line drawings will help you to clarify the fine differences between the sub-types and make any corrections and at least allow you to check kit accuracy. There’s little doubt in my mind that the author has done his homework and this title will add greatly to anything that you may already have on the Late versions of the Messerschmitt Bf 109.

    I particularly like the inclusion of rare colour WWII images, many from private collections of US service personnel when their units seized airframes towards the end of WWII.

    Highly recommended

    Geoff C.

  • AIR Modeller nr 33 • 2013-12-06
  • Hyperscale.com • 2013-12-06

    Reviewed by Glen Porter

    F i r s t R e a d

    Some will inevitably ask, “do we really need another book on late war 109 camouflage?”

    I would have to answer yes, especially when they are done with this level of detail and documentation.

    This title covers the last six variants of the 109 and the author then goes to great length to show the schemes produced by all of the various factories which manufactured each of those types.

    After a short introduction, the author gives us the major modifications done to the 109 from the G5 onwards. This includes the development of the DB 605 engine, vertical tail units, canopies, manufacturers and colours. Each chapter describes how each aircraft type was affected by these modifications including line drawings and photos where required.

    We then get into the nitty-gritty of the book beginning with the Bf 109 G-5/AS. As few G-5s were converted to AS specs, so this chapter is relatively short with only one side profile, plan view and one B&W photo plus a line drawing profile. T

    he next chapter, Bf 109 G-6/AS is a bit larger with six colour profiles, line drawings showing the difference from the standard G-6 and one B&W photo.

    Bf 109 G-14 (G-6/MW50) sets the pattern for the rest of the book - several wartime colour photos and many in black and white plus 14 side and plan view full colour profiles of specific aircraft. Line drawings of the aircraft and coloured camouflage artwork showing the different patterns from each of the factories involved.

    The individual aircraft profiles, mostly Luftwaffe but some also from Germany's allies, a couples of captured birds in RAF schemes and even a Czech built post-war 109 G-10 in the red and grey scheme. Some show just a left or right profile while others give you a full four views.

    The camouflage profiles are shown with all of the late-war colours including, where appropriate, bare metal and RLM 84, national markings plus upper and lower wings where the camouflage has changed. The line drawings are in 1/48th scale and are accurate showing all of the differences of all of the various models and marks.

    On the last two pages is a set of plans showing all of the stencils that could be applied to G and K aircraft but states that many and some times all could be left off.

    This book from MMP has got to be one of the best on this subject that I've ever seen and is a welcome addition to my growing library and is therefore recommended to all.

  • Amazon.co.uk bestseller list • 2013-12-06
  • InternetModeler.com • 2013-12-06

    By Chris Banyai-Riepl

    I would not be the least bit surprised to verify that the Messerschmitt Bf 109 is the most written about aircraft in history, as it seems that at every turn a new title shows up. With such a broad historiography, one wonders if there is anything new that could be added to the story of the Bf 109. This new title from Mushroom Model Publications shows that, indeed, there is new information out there, as this book builds on existing publications and expands significantly in research and documentation regarding the camouflage and markings of the late mark Bf 109s.

    This book covers those Bf 109 variants that used some variant of the DB605AS engine, which had a larger supercharger. It is this larger supercharger that resulted in the larger streamlined cowl bulges that so distinguish these later mark Bf 109s (although some of the G-14 variants had the earlier style; these differences are also covered in this book). Also documented are the tall tail variants, of which there are many, and the different canopy options. These identifying characteristics are often tied to the different manufacturers, which also had slightly different camouflage techniques. When all of this is put together, it becomes somewhat easier to narrow down a specific aircraft based on those identifiers.

    Once that information is laid out, the specific Bf 109 variants are then discussed. The book begins with the Bf 109G-5/AS and moves on to the Bf 109G-6/AS, G-14, G-14/AS, G-10, and K-4. Each of these chapters provides a textual description of the variant, coupled with several photos (some variants offer more photos than others). A set of color profile illustrations help highlight individual aircraft as well as generic camouflage patterns. A separate chapter covers the upper surface camouflages, while a bibliography offers additional research opportunities.

    For anyone who is a Bf 109 aficionado, this is a book that is well worth having. It forms a useful addition to the Japo books on the Bf 109K and extends that research further down the Bf 109G line.

  • Amazon.com customer review (2) • 2013-12-06

    SUPERB! August 23, 2012

    By Flyboy1944 Format:Paperback|

    This book is an excellent compilation of information (both in written and photographic format) on late model Me/Bf-109's. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in WW2 Luftwaffe fighter aircraft, or WW2 aircraft in general.

  • Amazon.fr customer review • 2013-12-06

    Bf 109 du Gustav au Karl 5 septembre 2011

    Par Jean-pierre Gllet

    La littérature concernant ce fascinant chasseur est prolixe. La relative banalité des photographies est largement compensée par la qualité des croquis, profils comme détails particuliers, et surtout par des profils de toute beauté d'une qualité rarement atteinte.

  • Amazon.de customer review • 2013-12-06

    Bf 109 5. Januar 2011

    Von Oliver May


    Ein tolles Buch über eine alte Bekannte, die Bf 109. Man fragt sich was könnte es wohl neues geben?! Ist denn nicht schon alles gesagt und geschrieben? Mit Nichten, die Autoren beschreiben und skizzieren hier nur die letzt gebauten Versionen der 109. Es gibt, wie nicht anders zu erwarten von Mushroom, viele noch nie gezeigter Fotos mit dazu gehörigen Farbprofiles und diversen Risszeichnungen die kleine aber feine Unterschiede der einzelnen Typen darstellen. Der Modellbaufreak findet hier noch das ein oder andere und der Luftfahrtinteressierte hat auch das ein oder andere " Aha" Erlebnis. Leider ist dieses Buch noch als Paperback heraus gebracht worden, was nicht wirklich schlimm ist aber die Hardcoverversionen aus der White Serie sind schon ein deutlicher Gewinn.

  • IPMSUSA.org • 2013-12-06

    Reviewed by: Floyd S. Werner Jr., IPMS #26266

    I love late war 109s so this book was right up my alley. This book is printed in MMP’s White series which is an A4 sized softbound book with 112 pages.

    The book focuses on late war 109s starting with the Bf-109G-5/AS to the K-4. The book starts off with a discussion of the tail units used on 109s. I found the differences very interesting and easily understood. Then a small section on late war Erla Haube canopy is discussed. A discussion of the colors and a color chart is next and especially helpful is the callout for CMYK and RGB colors. The first thing I noticed was the great drawings and color profiles. Gunther’s Speck G-5/AS is particularly striking.

    One benefit of the larger format book is that 1/48th scale drawings are provided for each version. This will prove invaluable to the modeler.

    The color profiles are really nice and an inspiration to me and the modeler. I saw at least a dozen aircraft that I wanted to do. Each color profile provides camouflage information and individual aircraft particularities, as well as, some historical data about the aircraft.

    It is interesting that each of the big manufacturers is covered as it helps define the aircraft camouflage. This unique and logical breakdown will be very helpful to the modeler.

    The photos both color and black and white are very nicely rendered. They are large and clear enough for the modeler to determine if MMP got the color call out correct. Most photos are half or a third of a page which are ample for most applications. Interestingly, the photos are not necessarily the same aircraft that are included in the drawings. I would prefer to see the actual photos they made the determinations from. This is just a personal preference and in no way detracts from the content.

    Captured British, Hungarian, Yugoslav and Italian 109s are not forgotten. I really love the layout of the book.

    Full color profiles, 1/48th scale drawings, large photos plus the tail information make this book a winner. I found everything very nicely done and totally inspirational. If you like late war 109s then this is definitely a book you will want to add to your library. It is comprehensive and informative. Definitely a must have.

    Highly recommended

  • Amazon.com customer review • 2013-12-06

    5 star

    By Gary V - See all my reviews

    The book is very good. The author clears up a lot of the confusion of late model BF-109G's. Plus review the BF109K's also in the book. If your a modeler one can now build a BF109's based on what factory reworked the aircraft. Addition information on all the different Tall tail rudder and there variants. This surprise on now any different styles of rudder. A must of a serious BF109 modeler of historian.

  • SAMI 12-2010 • 2013-12-06
  • amazon.co.uk customer review (2) • 2013-12-06

    A good book and good value., 8 Feb 2011

    By Dr. J. B. Webb

    As a Luftwaffe fan and in particular an Me109 fan, I debated whether or not to buy this book, fearing that it might duplicate stuff I already had.

    It does to a small extent, but I think this is a book worth having, with good clear illustrations which clarify many points and add new information.

    The first reviewer commented on dark photo's. Some of them are, but others are clear and some of the colour photo's are worth having at the discounted Amazon price alone, if that makes sense!

    I enjoyed the book and I enjoyed the detail.Good value.

  • Amazon.co.uk Cunstomer review (3rd) • 2013-12-06

    5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome modelling reference book!!! 15 Sep 2013

    By Frankenstein 99

    I recently bought the new Revell 1/32 scale BF109G6 kit Revell 1:32 Scale Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6 and was looking for an alternative camouflage scheme in which to paint it. I purchased this book for that reason but I have been amazed at how little I actually knew about the Messerschmitt BF109G6 and the late mark variants depicted within. The artwork contained within the book is top quality and this is one of those books that I don't think will ever be relegated to being a dust gatherer.

  • Aircraft MIlitary Monthly 2011 • 2013-12-06
  • Scale Views 01/2011 • 2013-12-06
  • Airfix Model World Aprin 2011 • 2013-12-06
  • Amazon.com customer review (4th) • 2013-12-06
  • Amazon.com custmer review (3rd) • 2013-12-06

    5 stars review

    By Beprepared

    This is a great resource for the modeler or history buff. The drawings and colors are accurate and the detail is terrific. I highly recommend this book ot anyone working with the late versions of the Bf 109.

  • Skrzydlata Polska 11/2010 • 2010-11-18

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