PW 23 Mustang mala

Polish Wings No. 23. 303 Squadron North American Mustang

Polish Wings • 2017
Autor(zy)Wojtek Matusiak, Piotr Sikora, Steve Brooking
IlustratorJohn Melson
Data wydania2017-10-28
SeriaPolish Wings
Nr katalogowyPW 23
KategoriaNew KategoriaNowe
FormatA4, 64 stron (32 w kolorze)
Cena56.00 PLN Cena15.00 GBP

No. 303 Squadron was the only Polish unit equipped with the Mustang IV, as the bubble-top P-51D and P-51K were known collectively to the RAF.

Between April 1945 and December 1946, the squadron used a total of 29 of these aircraft, plus six Mustang I's as hacks.

The book includes over 120 photos and nearly 30 colour plates to profusely illustrate these aircraft. Their technical details, military markings and maintenance stencils are shown in the detail.

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